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Welcome to The Thirsty Painters!

My name is Bree. I currently reside in Boonville, New York. I attended Cazenovia College and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Art History. I have always dreamed of living in a big city, so before I graduated I spent the summer in NYC where I did an internship at Exit Art, a nonprofit art gallery located in Chelsea. It was a great experience but I realized I was a country girl at heart, so I moved home. After graduating, I took a year off in order to decide what I should and wanted to do with my art degree. I came to the realization that I would like to teach. I enrolled in SUNY Oswego Art Education program where I earned a Masters degree in Art Education. I am k-12 certified in art. I've done several short and long term sub positions in school and also taught two years at a local k-6 Catholic school.

In the summer of 2013, my best friend from Cazenovia college, a fellow artist and I decided to take a Thelma and Louise adventure. A traveling adventure which I can say was not the first and certainly not the last traveling experience in my life but probably one of my favorites. I have also traveled to Ireland and Italy which both come pretty close. I have actually seen the works of many of my favorite artist first hand! Amazing doesn't come close to describing those experiences.

It was my summer adventure that lead me to "The Thirsty Painters" formally known as "The Uncorked Canvas". My friend Hannah from Maine and I flew into Las Vegas where we picked up a brand new Chevy Camaro convertible which was an unexpected upgrade (Seriously "scored")! We began our trip across the mid west visiting eleven different states. Camping in the "Redwoods" was my favorite part of the trip!

It was in Denver and San Fransisco that we saw our first "paint and sip" studios. Curiosity lead me to research this new method for teaching art and promoting creativity in a community. Once home, my research lead me to a Paint and Sip gallery here in New York State. Some friends and I decided to check it out. My friends had never painted before. We were all amazed at how great our paintings turned out. We enjoyed a glass of wine, music, and each other's company. What a great night out! It was therapeutic. We had a blast! I had found my dream job.

After returning from my traveling adventure out west, I went back to my part time job of bartending and waiting tables at a local establishment "Kratzy's, a truly fun place to work. The owners gave me my first opportunity to make my dream a reality! By the way they are pretty awesome!

I held my first Paint and Sip class in the dining room at Kratzy's and it was a huge success! "The Uncorked canvas" was born and quickly took on a life of its own. It gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of having my own business, a career in art and the ability to travel. Like all business adventures there were a problems early on. The Uncorked Canvas transformed into The Thirsty Painters and is now bigger and better than ever!

The Thirsty Painters offers a unique way to enjoy a creative and fun day or night out. It helps to bring art back into small communities and to the people who live there. People of all ages who have been curious about art now have the opportunity to paint something of their own. I provide the guidance and supplies you only need the courage to attend a party or class. It's a great way to promote business if you own a restaurant, are planning a fund raiser, birthday party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or team building activity for you employees.

I continue to expand my business looking a different venues all the time. My friend Hannah and I just returned from another summer adventure. We went south this time teaching paint and sip classes in South Carolina at the Firefly Distillery and at the Bay Street Biergarten in downtown Charleston. Then we continued our roadtrip to Gatlinburg and Nashville Tennessee, Oklahoma City, The Ladysmith B&B in Tishomingo OK (Miranda Lambert’s hotel), Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio Texas. It was a great fun! If you attend a class I tell you about the surprise that was waiting for me when I arrived home at the airport!! 

As an artist and teacher, I have taken great pride in my students and their work. I am constantly pushing myself to come up with new ideas for them to try. This is my passion and I want my students to enjoy themselves as they explore their inner artist!

I also want to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren't for the love, support and help of my family (my road crew) and friends. They have helped and encourage me through everything! <3😘

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